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hydrophobichels's Journal

12 November 1990
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I'm a vegetarian. I'm interested in human and animal rights and a follower of politics. I'm involved in my Methodist church (woot woot) and I just graduated from high school. I love to read, watch TV, and go to the movie theatre. :D
17 again, a company of swans, a countess below stairs, a song for summer, abba, anchorman, anything by greg iles, arabian nights, arrested development, behind you, billy joel, blades of glory, breaking dawn, bridget jones' diary, building rome, camp, carly simon, carolina liar, center stage, coheed and cambria, colbert report, comedy, conan o'brien, count of monte cristo, criminal minds, dashboard confessional, day of the dead, demi lovato, diary of the dead, dodgeball, dramas, eclipse, edward scissorhands, eisley, elton john, family guy, family time, foreigner, great and terrible beauty, greek, hanging with friends, harry potter, hellogoodbye, hot hot heat, hp, hunger games, i looooooooooooooooooooove spanish, if you come swiftly, imogen heap, just listen, kate havnevik, katy perry, kill bill 1, kill bill 2, last of the mohicans, law and order, leona lewis, listening to music, lotr, lucas, lucky, maroon 5, meeting new people, men in tights, metrostation, mika, monty python, moulin rouge!, movies, mtv, naughts and crosses, ncis, new moon, phantom of the opera, pink, pirates of the caribbean, poco, practicing my spanish, pride and prejudice, project runway, reading, rebel angels, resident evil, rise of the lycans, rose red, saved!, sci-fi, scrubs, secondhand serenade, shiny toy guns, simon and garfunkel, styx, such a pretty girl, taken, taking pictures, talladega nights, television, the 10th kingdom, the beatles, the bourne identity, the bourne supremacy, the bourne ultimatum, the colbert report, the covenant, the daily show, the eleventh hour, the host, the jonas brothers, the lovely bones, the mentalist, the morning gift, the nightmare before christmas, the office, the perishers, the pierces, the police, the princess bride, the reluctant heiress, the usual suspects, the virgins, toally awesome, toto, twilight, underworld, underworld:evolution, vampire weekend, vh1, watching movies, zoolander